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  • Health - 17 Mar 2021
    Torticollis, or wryneck, is a condition characterized by lateral twisting of the neck, causing the head to tilt to one side and the chin to rotate to the opposite side.
  • Health - 9 Jun 2023
    Anemia due to lack of haemoglobin or RBCs in blood may be an acute (rapid-onset) or chronic (slow onset) condition.
  • Health - 28 Nov 2022
    Although sickle cell disease is present from birth, most patients do not begin to show signs of the condition until after the age of 4 to 6 months.
  • Health - 27 Feb 2019
    The immune system of the human body is responsible for defending the body against outside agents which may cause infection. The immune system of a newborn is fairly weak and takes time to develop -...
  • Health - 27 Feb 2019
    Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) is a relapsing inflammatory joint condition associated with psoriasis that affects about 1-3% of the world overall, but with widely varying incidences in different...
  • Health - 29 May 2023
    Scarlet fever is usually of mild intensity and goes away on its own in about a week without treatment. Scarlet fever is caused by Group A beta haemolytic Streptococci. In mild cases this might not...
  • Health - 15 May 2023
    For over forty years, lumbar spine (back) surgery was destructive to structures of the spine while at the same time attempting to rectify disorders of the spine.
  • Drug - 4 Apr 2024
    Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) about Oncotice intended for persons living in Australia.

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