Lucideon holds free webinar

Lucideon, the international materials technology company, is hosting a free webinar entitled ‘The Benefits of Using Ceramic Reflectance Standards to Calibrate Instruments and Control Color in the Healthcare Industry’.

The webinar, which will take place on 22 March at 15:00 UK time (10:00 EST), will focus on the benefits of using ceramic reflectance standards to both calibrate medical instruments, such as those used for diagnostic imaging, and to color control materials, powders and products.

Presented by Sean Hillman, Manager of Lucideon’s Color Standards division, the webinar will give a brief overview of optical measurement theory before moving onto an introduction of Lucideon’s Reflectance Standards and a discussion of their advantages over other standards. 

Consistency, reliability and accuracy of medical instruments that use reflected light to detect change in a sensitive test patch/strip is vital.  In the webinar I’ll be talking about how ceramic reflectance standards can help a manufacturer to maintain control of their instrument’s performance.

“The standards can also be used to control the colors of materials, powders and products during production and in use, such as dental resins and powders in storage.

“Unlike other standards, ours are stable and durable and do not change over time.  They are also non-fluorescent, easy to use and handle and are not susceptible to surface contamination.

“We also offer bespoke reflectance standards with customized reflectances at wavelengths to suit any application.”

Sean Hillman, Manager of Lucideon’s Color Standards division.

Lucideon is an independent UKAS accredited and trusted Calibration house (No. 0420), and has been supplying Color Standards for over 30 years to many different industries.

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