METTLER TOLEDO recommends laboratories to embrace new ISO 15189 standard for accreditation

The new ISO 15189 standar for accreditation may seem daunting, but a new white paper from METTLER TOLEDO can help laboratories in Europe embrace them successfully.

METTLER TOLEDO is urging all accredited laboratories throughout Europe to embrace the new ISO 15189 standard for accreditation, believing that positive support for the new standard will only increase confidence in the results it produces by eliminating the causes of variability in protocols wherever possible.

According to Craig Bush, Pipette Service Manager at METTLER TOLEDO:

ISO 15189 emphasises the need for laboratories to implement calibration and testing regimes conforming to ISO 17025 for all pieces of equipment that may have a significant impact on results. Whether hand-held pipettes, pH meters or complex PCR thermocyclers, laboratories must demonstrate that they adhere to defined quality assurance levels and retain traceable records of consistent testing, competently performed.

The introduction of any new standard may seem daunting, but trusted suppliers like METTLER TOLEDO can help. The key step to implementing ISO 15189 is to work out the impact on variability for every piece of equipment in every protocol, and then test and calibrate only the significant contributors to ISO 17025.

“It is the influence that the scale of error has that is important rather than the size of the error itself,” stresses Craig. “It may be that a large error in an individual instrument may not significantly influence the overall accuracy of a test. However, where it can be demonstrated that a tiny error will impact overall accuracy, 17025 is called for.”

With over decades of experience in supporting laboratories throughout the world with quality products and ISO 17025 accredited testing and calibration services, METTLER TOLEDO is ideally placed to help and advise laboratories implementing ISO 15189. As part of the Mettler Toledo family of companies, its expertise ranges from liquid-handling devices of all types to pH meters and balances.


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