Asynt offers new range of Lab Safety Shields

Asynt has expanded its range of Lab Safety Shields.

Manufactured in the UK, Asynt Lab Safety Shields fit neatly around all major stirrer hotplate brands providing lab scientists with enhanced safety while maintaining easy access to hotplate controls and good all-round visibility of the reaction or process.

Built in robust 5 mm polycarbonate, the new Large Lab Safety Shield offers additional user protection for applications such as heated parallel reactions, especially those requiring user intervention when the fume hood sash is open. The device also shields reactions from the cooling effect of fume hood ventilation.

Compactly designed (29.5 x 16 x 17 cm) to minimize use of valuable fume hood space, Asynt’s budget-priced Standard Lab Safety Shield fits neatly around the stirrer hotplate to provide robust, convenient protection from splashes, aerosols and spills.

All Asynt Lab Safety Shields are resistant to a wide range of laboratory solvents and temperatures up to 170 °C.

For specialist applications – Asynt has the engineering and design expertise to also produce custom Lab Safety Shield’s optimized to your experimental set-up.


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