Metrohm offers standardized methods to measure critical parameters for wastewater analysis in treatment plants

Operators of wastewater treatment plants depend on reliable methods to monitor plant performance. Metrohm is pleased to present a collection of standardized methods (ISO, DIN, EPA) for critical parameters ranging from chemical oxygen demand (COD), to alkalinity, oxyhalides, and heavy metals.

The mentioned brochure is free of charge and describes methods such as

  • DIN 38409-44 (Chemical oxygen demand)
  • DIN 38406-3 (Total hardness, Ca2+, Mg2+)
  • EPA 300.1, Part B (Oxyhalides)
  • EPA 218.7 (Chromate)
  • DIN 38406-16 (Zn, Cd, Pb, Cu, Tl, Ni, Co)
  • EPA 300.0 (anions, e.g., F- , Cl- Br- NO2- NO3- PO43- SO42- etc.)
  • ISO 14911:1998 (cations, e.g., Li+, Na+, K+; NH4+, Mg2+, Ca2+ etc.)


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