Brine, sea, and brackish water put a challenge to chromatography due to their high salt fractions. Successful cation analysis in such samples requires a column with high capacity. The Metrohm C 6 is a high capacity column that helps you to meet this challenge with ease.

Metrosep C 6 – Exceptionally High Sodium-Ammonium Resolution

The Metrosep C 6 column excels by its high resolution between sodium and ammonium in particular. This makes the Metrosep C 6 the ideal column for the determination of sodium and ammonium even when they are present in highly different concentrations. Due to this property the Metrosep C 6 is also well suited for cation analysis in fertilizers or salts as well as in cooling waters of thermal power plants using ammonium as modifiers.

The Metrosep C 6 also enables ...

  • The fast analysis of drinking water using high eluent concentrations with symmetrical calcium and magnesium peaks.
  • The determination of amines in cooling waters.
  • The analysis of choline in milk.

Did you know? Metrohm columns ...

  • Are available in different lengths and with different capacities, depending on the application.
  • Record the number of injections and working hours of each column.
  • Can be used with organic modifiers such as acetone and acetonitrile.
  • Offer robust Swiss Quality for a long column life.
  • Can be used with instruments from third party manufacturers as well.