780 Advanced pH Meter from Metrohm

Metrohm's new generation of pH Meters, beginning with the Metrohm 780, presents numerous possibilities with features for measuring pH, mV and temperature. This new pH meter offers the latest advancements to optimize the measurement system which includes GLP-compliant electrode testing, monitoring of service and GLP intervals, as well as complete control of stirrer speed and power to assure consistent measurements that are always carried out under the same conditions.


  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Automatic electrode test with graphics printout for pH electrodes (GLP, ISO 9000)
  • Automatic buffer recognition for known and custom buffer sets.
  • Automatic recognition and control of stirrer via "Metrohm Serial Bus"
  • Multi-point calibration with max. 9 buffers
  • Built-in quality control with pH electrode test for standard electrodes, gel electrodes and electrodes for non-aqueous media
  • Store up to 100 measurements