Two-channel pH/conductivity meter for routine use in the laboratory and on the road – version for connection of intelligent pH electrodes.

pH (or mV) and conductivity (or TDS, salinity) and temperatures can be measured in parallel and output to a large colour display with the 914 pH/Conductometer. Important information such as charge state, user, IDs can be clearly seen at a glance. A PIN-protected expert mode protects against unintentional changes of different parameters.

The meter is furnished with an accumulator for mobile use that can be charged practically anywhere. It naturally also satisfies the requirements of IP67.
A stand plate allows the mobile meter to be easily converted into a laboratory meter and vice versa.

Very large measured value memory (10,000 data sets) and USB interface (GLP-compliant printout or data export with optional management of the data in tiBase) offer professional data handling.

Features and Benefits

  • Laboratory and measuring instrument in one with all of the features such as IP67,optional battery operation, and much more
  • Clearly organized color user interface with two-channel display (multilingual) and all important information at a glance
  • Security in everyday work through sensor quality symbol and alternative dialogs for expert or routine users
  • Professional data handling through reports complying with GLP and various data export and data management options
  • Flexible, robust and reliable