916 Ti-Touch Titrators from Metrohm

The 916 Ti-Touch is the new compact titrator for potentiometric titration. The instrument supports the following titration modes: DET (dynamic equivalence point titration), MET (monotone equivalence point titration), SET (titration to one or two given endpoints) and MAT (manual titration). The new compact titrator comes in the versions 916 Salt Ti-Touch, 916 Oil Ti-Touch and 916 Food Ti-Touch, which are all-inclusive packages containing the titrator plus the complete accessories for the respective applications.

Save and print data – without PC

USB interface for printer, USB stick or barcode reader.

Direct access to intranet and LIMS – without PC

Save methods and results directly in your intranet or LIMS.

Straightforward automation

Up to 100 samples can be determined unattended (with 814/ 815 Sample Processor).

More efficiency due to 2 MSB ports

2 MSB (Metrohm Serial Bus) ports for connecting up to 2 800 Dosinos or 805 Dosimats, 2 Magnetic or Rod Stirrers and 2 Remote Boxes for automation.

Paperless PDF reports:

Generate forge-proof PDF reports and save them on a USB stick or in the intranet.