In a strict sense, doing titration means dosing intelligently. The Titrando System gives you the choice. With the 905 and 907 Titrando you dose with Dosinos and Dosing Units that are attached directly onto the reagent bottle. With the 904 and 906 Titrando dosing is carried out by using Exchange Units.

One of these is located on the 904 or 906 Titrando, which can control additional Dosimats with their Exchange Units. Mixed systems with Dosing and Exchange Units are possible. This means that your choice doesn’t lead you down a blind alley – full flexibility is retained.

The 906 Titrando is a high-end titrator for use with intelligent electrodes – iTrodes – with:

  • Built-in buret drive
  • Dynamic (DET), monotonic (MET) and endpoint titration (SET), enzymatic and pH-STAT titrations (STAT), Karl Fischer titration (KFT)
  • Measurement with ion-selective electrodes (MEAS CONC)
  • Dosing functions with monitoring (DOS), Liquid Handling
  • Four MSB connectors
  • Two galvanically isolated measuring interfaces
  • USB connector


  • Touch and titrate – Favorite icons for quick titration start
  • Generates PDF files without a PC
  • iConnect – mobile measuring input with digital data transmission
  • iTrodes – intelligent sensors for automatic electrode recognition
  • GLP-compliant electrode test
  • Intelligent dosing elements
  • Potentiometric, Karl Fischer and STAT titration
  • Sample Processor control
  • Client-server database with tiamoTM
  • Parallel titration with tiamoTM
  • Direct access to intranet and internet
  • Liquid handling with the unique Dosino
  • Complies with GMP/GLP and FDA Regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11
  • USB interfaces for sample changer, printer, PC keyboard, barcode reader ...
  • Wireless communication via Bluetooth for printer and balance