The 940 Professional IC Vario ONE is the intelligent IC instrument for applications without suppression. The instrument can be used with any separation and detection methods.

With the 940 Professional IC Vario system, Metrohm sets a new standard in ion chromatography. 940 Professional IC Vario stands for maximum flexibility combined with most easy operation and perfect reliability.


  • Modular high-performance ion chromatography system
  • Unlimited possibilities for system configuration
  • Compact dimensions, small footprint
  • For routine analyses and research applications in the ng/L- to %-range
  • Highest sensitivity for lowest detection limits
  • Intelligent system components for reliable results
  • Wide range of detection options: conductivity, UV/VIS, amperometry, ...
  • Free choice of suppressor and column
  • All gradient options
  • Inline eluent preparation integrated in the system
  • Multi-language MagIC Net software for intuitive and simple operation
  • Complies with GLP and the FDA regulations
  • Compatible with the unique and partly patented Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation techniques (MISP)
  • Complete automation for high sample throughput
  • Low maintenance costs and long lifetime
  • Rugged Swiss quality


  • Anion and cation determinations without suppression
  • Analyses with UV/VIS detection with or without post-column derivatization
  • Applications with amperometric detection (e.g., sugar analysis)
  • Trace analysis for cations with MiPCT