Biochemical Methane Potential (BMP) is an important parameter in biogas production as it helps producers to assess the efficiency of the anaerobic digestion process for specific substrates. With the NIRS DS2500 Analyzer, users can determine BMP in a few seconds helping them to optimize waste stock management for a maximum methane yield.

NIRS DS2500 Analyzer -- Polymer testing the easy way

The NIRS DS2500 Analyzer uses Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS), a technology providing quasi real-time results with only a minimum of sample preparation required. Thus, substrate samples (green waste, agro-industrial waste, manure, sludge) just need to be dried and grinded, after which they can introduced into the analyzer. The NIRS DS2500 Analyzer is controlled by dedicated Vision Air software showing the results at a single mouse click.

Due to its robust design, the NIRS DS2500 Analyzer may be used either in the laboratory or on-site at the plant.


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