Tell Your Story Even Better with Imaris

Imaris Surface rendering of a sea urchin embryo.  New transparency options reveal the full spatial organisation of the cells and their nuclei.

The newest release of Imaris, 9.5, was launched earlier this month, enabling users to calculate distance measurements quicker and easier than before, while also offering stunning new rendering tools (Insightful Rendering) to present these measurements and other types of analysis.

Now the image can tell its own story, allowing the scientist to spend more time discussing what the results mean, rather than what the results are.

In biology, scientists routinely ask if certain conditions or drugs influence the 3D morphology and position of organisms, tissues or cells. They also want to know if the relative distance of those objects to one another influences their function and/or properties. Performing this type of image analysis quickly and easily, while also effectively communicating all image analysis results is of utmost importance to scientists for the success of their presentations, publications, and grant applications.

We’re excited to reveal these new tools and the eye-catching rendering to our users. I believe our users will find these features to be a significant improvement in the calculation and rendering of their results and I can’t wait to see their work published and presented using our Insightful Rendering.

Meredith Price, Imaris Product Manager, Andor


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