Global collaboration and commercialisation agreement with Axcend Corp

Microsaic Systems plc (AIM: MSYS), the developer of point of need mass spectrometry ("MS") instruments, is pleased to announce that it has signed a global integration and joint sales and marketing heads of terms with Axcend Corp ("Axcend") to integrate the compact Microsaic 4500 MiD® MS with the portable Axcend Focus LC® ("LC/MS system"), and to commercialize the combined system globally using both companies' direct sales and selected distribution channels.  

Microsaic has a direct sales presence in the UK and certain European markets, while Axcend has a direct presence in North America; both partners have extensive and growing networks of international distribution partners.

The Microsaic 4500 MiD® is a robust and compact MS detector with an integrated computer and vacuum pump, whose small footprint and ease of use make it deployable anywhere within a laboratory or processing facility.  The Axcend Focus LC® is a very small footprint, a high-performance liquid chromatography system ("HPLC").

Both LC and MS are standard analyses that are widely adopted and the ability to offer both in an easy-to-use compact LC/MS system is expected to deliver users with significant efficiency benefits without compromising on performance, speed or reliability.

Liquid chromatography ("LC") is a well-established method of sample separation. LC very commonly uses MS as a detection method in a wide range of markets, such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and environmental analysis. Typically, due in part to the size and complexity of traditional LC and MS systems, such analyses are performed in a centralized laboratory.

The combination of Axcend and Microsaic's small footprint technologies supports timely testing in the location where samples are taken, as well as in centralized laboratories.  In addition, the combined LC/MS system utilizes substantially fewer solvents than the traditional LC and MS systems, which can, therefore, result in lower running costs and solvent disposal.

The analytical HPLC-MS market is a $5 billion market today, according to Top Down Analytics, 2019 Outlook; Analytical Instruments Industry.

We have an award-winning, lightweight and powerful HPLC that is easy-to-use and cost-competitive, especially on an operational basis. Yet many scientists need the added benefit of an LC/MS system to produce greater analytical insights. We are confident that Microsaic will be an excellent partner for delivering compelling solutions to our customers."

Glen Mella, CEO, Axcend

We are particularly excited by this partnership, which combines two highly differentiated compact products into a very powerful LC/MS system. In addition to the benefits for customers, this collaboration also leverages our shared resources of marketing, direct sales and distribution channels globally. As far as we are aware there is no other LC/MS combination today which provides such a powerful offering in such a small footprint."

Glenn Tracey, CEO, Microsaic


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