Hamamatsu's Photonics Webinar: Is Digital Pathology The Answer?

About This Webinar

Digital pathology is growing exponentially year by year since the first whole slide scanner was introduced in 1990. Initially, within the UK, the market was mainly centered on research facilities, but the advantages are now being recognized within the clinical market and in particular within the National Health Service (NHS). The ever-dwindling numbers of consultant histopathologists call for innovative ways to fully utilize the current future workforce, and digital pathology is seen as one of those ways.

The implementation of digital pathology brings with it a number of advantages in terms of manipulation of the whole slide images, as well as remote access and collaboration. However, with this also comes some challenges that need to be overcome to allow a smooth transition to digital pathology from glass slides. Choosing a scanner itself is a difficult decision, as there are many whole slide scanners available in this ever-growing market today with differing features, capacities, and speeds.

This presentation will discuss:

  • why digital pathology is the way forward
  • the features to look out for when purchasing a slide scanner
  • how to overcome obstacles during a digital pathology implementation
  • what the future holds for digital pathology

Watch the webinar here!

About the presenter

Robert Turner

In June 2020, Robert Turner joined the Hamamatsu Photonics UK's NanoZoomer team as an Application Engineer. Previously he was employed with the NHS for 15 years, the last 7 of those as a biomedical scientist within cellular pathology. While in this position, he was the technical lead for the implementation of digital pathology, along with two different scanner platforms.

Robert has experience carrying out validation of whole slide scanners in a clinical setting, and knowledge of the key features to look out for when choosing a digital pathology solution. In his opinion, digital pathology is the future for histologists and he is excited to be a part of the journey with Hamamatsu Photonics UK.


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