ORCA-Fusion Digital CMOS Camera - C14440-20UP

Hamamatsu Photonics’ ORCA-Fusion C14440-20UP has been developed from the sensor up. It balances the intricate nuances of camera features to deliver striking images and strong data at all lights levels, specifically in challenging low-light conditions.

The ORCA-Fusion C14440-20UP has a particularly low and highly uniform read noise. This ensures that if the sample discharges even a few photons, either by experimental design or by default, they do not get lost in the noise, but can be detected and quantified reliably.


  • High speed: 100 frames/second (at 2304 x 2048 ROI)
  • High resolution: 2304 x 2304 (5.3 Megapixels)
  • Pixel size: 6.5 μm x 6.5 μm
  • Dynamic range: 21,400:1
  • DSNU: 0.3 electrons, rms
  • Read noise: 0.7 electrons, rms (ultra-quiet scan)
  • Photo-response non-uniformity (prnu): 0.06% rms (@ 7500 electrons)
  • Patented tools for state-of-the-art imaging: lightsheet readout mode
  • Peak QE: 80%

PC Recommendations

With the launch of the ORCA-Fusion, users can now stream images of 5 Megapixels to their computers at a rate of 89 frames per second. The PC recommendations for such a high data rate can be matched by using the procedures listed on the company website.