FDSS/µCELL Functional Drug Screening System from Hamamatsu Photonics

The FDSS/μCELL is a kinetic plate reader with an integrated dispensing head and imaging-based detector.

Simultaneous dispensing into the entire 96/384-well plates and simultaneous detection of the kinetics of the fluorescence or luminescence intensity allow quick measurements with no time lag for the 96/384-well format.

The technologies employed in the FDSS series are integrated into a compact body, enabling simple-touse operation, suitable for assay development or in research basic cell-based kinetic assays.


  • Whole Plate Dispensing and Imaging
    • Uniform conditions and no time lag for live cell measurements
    • Reduced measurement time
    • Simultaneous dispensing into the whole 96/384 plates
    • Simultaneous detection of the kinetics of intensity changes
  • Compact and Simple-to-Use
    • Simple to usc for all users
    • Various data output and analysis functions
  • Versatile and Specially Designed System Structure
    • High precision wth whole plate simultaneous dispensing (CV below 5%)
    • Disposable 961384 dispensing tips
    • Dispensing of multiple compounds possible
    • Wash and wipe functions (laclory bu41-in option)
      "96 wells <5% CV al 10 μL, 384 Well <5% CV al 5 μL
    • Specially designed optics to detect the whole plate with high uniformity
    • Specially designed illumination optics for fluorescence
    • Long life-time light source with selectable excitation wavelength (4eo nm «530 rm)
    • Motionless assay plate reducing the damages to live cells
    • Proprietary imaging detectors allowing high-sensitivity measurement


  • Calcium Assay with Fluo-4 (1)
  • Calcium Assay with Fluo-4 (2)
  • Normal HEK293 cells stimulated by Carbachol
  • Calcium measurement of H1 NFAT HEK293 by BacMam Aequorin from Invitrogen
  • Cardiomyocyte calcium oscillation
  • Kinetic analysis of endogenous b2AR full and partial agonists in HEK293 cAMP GloSensor cell line from Promega


Type number



96-tip type: 10 μL to 200 μL
384-tip type: 1 μL to 30 μL


High-speed, high-sensitivity digital CCD camera for fluorescence

Sampling time (Interval)

0.5 s to 100 s/Data point

Light source optics for intracellular ion measurement

480 nm excitation and 540 nm emission

Plate handling

Assay plate ×1 and compound plate ×2

Adaptable microplate

Clear bottom black plate

Tip/Plate loading

Manual loading

Maximum sampling data point



550 mm (W)×670 mm (D)×1600 mm (H)/Approx. 200 kg