C10910-01 Universal Streak Camera from Hamamatsu Photonics

The streak camera is an ultrahigh-speed detector which captures light emission phenomena occurring in extremely short time periods. In addition to superb temporal resolution, the streak camera can capture spatial (or spectral) data simultaneously.

The universal streak camera C10910 series incorporates all of the specialized technology and expertise that HAMAMATSU acquired over 20 years of research. The streak tubes are manufactured on a regular production schedule at Hamamatsu to provide consistency and reliability. Special requests and custom designs are also available.

The C10910-01 is S-20(200 nm to 850 nm) model.


  • A diverse range of experimental setups from single light emitting phenomena to high-speed repeated phenomena in the GHz domain
  • UV to near-infrared wavelengths
    Optimize the streak camera’s performance by selecting the appropriate streak tube (light sensor) for desired spectral range.
  • USB control
    Computer control enables remote operation and advanced measurements with ease of use.
  • Improved S/N with the internal MCP
  • Simultaneous measurement of light intensity on temporal and spatial (wavelength) axis
    Spectrograph can be placed in front of the streak camera to convert the spatial axis to the wavelength. This enables highly efficient time-resolved spectroscopy measurements.
  • Ultra-high sensitivity (detection of single photons)
    The streak tube converts light into electrons which are then multiplied by an electron multiplier. This enables detection of extremely faint light (at the single-photon level).


Type number


Spectral response

200 nm to 850 nm

Sweep unit


Temporal resolution

<1 ps (M10911-01)
<2 ps (M10911-02)
<1 ps (M10912-01)
<20 ps (M10913-11)

Sweep repetition frequency

75 MHz to 165 MHz (M10911-01)
250 MHz (M10911-02)
Single to 10 kHz (M10912-01)
Single to 4 MHz (M10913-11)

Dynamic range

>1:1000 (M10911-01, M10911-02)
>1:10 (M10912-01)
>1:200 (M10913-11)

Sweep time

100 ps to 1/6 fs (M10911-01)
200 ps to 1/6 fs (M10911-02)
100 ps to 50 n s (M10912-01)
1.2 ns to 1 ms (M10913-11)

Effective photocathode length

4.46 mm

Power supply

AC 100 V to AC 240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz