ORCA-Flash4.0 LT+ Digital CMOS Camera — C11440-42U30

Users planning for a transition from conventional CCD but seeking the increased flexibility as well as the sensitivity of a scientific CMOS (sCMOS) camera can opt for the newly re-designed C11440-42U30 ORCA-Flash4.0 LT+.

With proven performance and a reasonable price, the C11440-42U30 ORCA-Flash4.0 LT+ that offers 82% peak quantum efficiency is suitable for any experiment that necessitates great sensitivity, easy connectivity, and reasonably fast frame rates.

The ORCA-Flash4.0 LT+ is engineered to offer all the benefits of sCMOS technology — low-light sensitivity, wide field of view, and large dynamic range — to all types of research labs. Robust performance and simple connectivity help users explore critical biological questions.

With the launch of the ORCA-Flash4.0, users can now stream images of 4 megapixels to their computers at a rate of 100 frames per second. For such a high data rate, the computer recommendations can be fulfilled by following the guidelines listed in the PC Recommendations for ORCA-Flash4.0, provided in the company website.