C10000-801 TDI Camera from Hamamatsu Photonics

The C10000-801 TDI camera is useful for a wide range of imaging applications requiring high speed operation with high sensitivity simultaneously. TDI is a special image acquisition method that has been used extensively in machine vision applications for industrial inspection. TDI imaging is appropriate for applications where it is desired to record a linear process over time, or where the aspect ratio of the subject being imaged is significantly asymmetric. TDI is particularly useful for low light level scanning applications for which a typical line scan camera can not make a useful image.

Also, frame readout mode is available for easy focusing.


  • High resolution / high sensitivity (Horizontal spatial resolution with 128(V) TDI stages): 2048(H)×128 (V), 4 TAP
  • Line rate up to 50 kHz
  • High speed imaging combined with high sensitivity and low noise
  • Great spectral response for UV-NIR with back thinned CCD
  • 100× anti-blooming with lateral overflow drain
  • Dynamic range of 1600 : 1
  • 12 bit / 8 bit selectable A/D converter
  • Bidirectional scanning operation
  • Frame readout mode for easy focusing
  • Real time shading correction internal DSP


Type number


Imaging device

Back thinned type

Effective number of pixels

2048 (H)×128 (V)

Cell size

12 μm (H)×12 μm (V)

Effective area

24.58 mm (H)×1.536 mm (V)

Readout mode

TDI readout mode or frame readout mode*1

TDI transfer direction

Bidirectional transfer

TDI output channel

4 TAP (512×4)


Lateral overflow drain (100×)

TDI pixel clock rate

30 MHz

TDI line rate

0.45 kHz to 50 kHz

TDI line rate control

Internal setting by serial command*2 / External trigger

Full well capacity

80 000 electrons (typ.)

Readout noise

50 electrons rms (typ.)

Dynamic range

1600:1 (typ.)


2×2, 4×4

Analog gain

1 time to 5 times (16 steps)

A/D converter

12 bit/8 bit*3

Image processing

Real-time shading correction


Base Configuration

Camera control

Serial control in Camera Link

Camera output clock

60 MHz

Camera output channel

2 TAP (1024×2)


Mini-Camera Link (SDR)×1

Lens mount


Power requirements

AC100 V to AC240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz

Power consumption

Approx. 55 VA

Ambient operating temperature

0°C to +40°C

Ambient storage temperature

-10°C to +50°C

Ambient operating humidity

70 % max. (with no condensation)

*1 Frame readout mode is useful for easy focusing, but it is not suitable for measurement. Please consult with our sales office for details.
 *2 Internal TDI line rate is set by 33 ns step.
 *3 Selectable by serial command.