Atlas Antibodies acquires evitria

Atlas Antibodies has agreed to acquire evitria, a world leader in transient recombinant antibody expression in CHO cells. This transformative acquisition brings together a leading provider of highly validated research antibodies and a front-runner in the field of custom recombinant antibody expression.

Since its inception in 2010, evitria has been singularly focused on transient expression of recombinant antibodies in CHO cells. This long-standing and deep focus allows the company to deliver antibodies of exceptional quality with outstanding service levels with respect to turnaround time and material quantity. With a track record of more than 75,000 transfections performed and more than 12,000 antibody-based molecules purified, evitria is a trusted partner for full outsourcing of antibody production for research purposes, to manage capacity bottlenecks, or to pursue single projects.

Dr. Christian Eberle, CEO of evitria, comments:

“After successfully building and continuously improving our expression platform over the last ten years, we look forward to this next phase in our company’s development. We have only recently started to more actively pursue opportunities on a global basis, and look forward to continuing on this growth journey backed by the team around Atlas Antibodies and Patricia Industries.”

Torben Jørgensen, Chairman of Atlas Antibodies, comments:

“This transaction brings together two highly innovative companies with top quality solutions in their respective niches in the industry of antibodies. We are excited to support Dr. Eberle and the evitria team to continue to grow their business, and for Atlas Antibodies and evitria to work together in close partnership to capture the opportunities inherent in this combined platform.”

Sellers include investment companies Afinum and co-investor SHS. Closing is expected during the third quarter 2021.

About evitria

Founded in 2010 in Zurich, Switzerland, evitria is an expert provider of antibody expression services, with clients ranging from academic laboratories and small biotech start-ups to global biopharmaceutical companies. evitria is deeply specialized in CHO-based transient expression of antibodies, including bispecific and fusion antibodies.

About Atlas Antibodies

Atlas Antibodies is a leading, global developer of advanced reagents for biomedical research. The company originates from the Human Protein Atlas project and was founded in 2006 by researchers at the Royal Institute of Technology and Uppsala University. Atlas Antibodies is based in Stockholm, and is majority owned by Patricia Industries, a part of Investor AB.


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