1. Margaret Moneys Margaret Moneys United Kingdom says:

    My 6 year old son suffers from a lazy eye, something I have had for 30 years but have had no option but to live with due to it not being picked up early enough.

    I really don't want my son to suffer due to this and after almost 2 years of wearing glasses and 3 monthly visits to the hospital he doesn't seem to be making any improvement and the next step is to wear a patch (something I would like to avoid if at all possible due to the psychological effects).

    How would I go about having my son involved in trials? The optician at the hospital isn't seem to be aware of this type of treatment in the UK.

    I would be grateful for any advice. Thanks

    • Gwynfryn Thomas Gwynfryn Thomas France says:

      Margaret, does your son fully understand that he needs to be concentrating on seeing things with his week eye? Things like trying to focus on large letters, at different distances? I went through this as a kid (still essentially blind in one eye) with the patches, and they kept repeating “you’ve got a lazy eye”, but I never got the notion of what I was supposed to do with it (boy, was I angry when it occurred to me in my teens, “too late”, as I was then told!). I can’t promise it’ll make any difference, but it should be worth trying! Isn’t it annoying that they mention their app/video game, but don’t provide a link to it: I want to try it right now, not after trolling the net, possibly unsuccessfully!

      • David Walsh David Walsh United States says:

        I have a really bad lazy eye and I'm 42. I have two surgeries to try to correct the lazy eye. One the the lazy eye and one on my good eye to try to straighten the other one. They worked somewhat but not perfect. I always tell my parents I wish they never used the patch on me. I can't see anything clearly or read on my lazy eye and only use it for peripheral vision. During those young years I could not read in 1st grade (because of patch) I could not participate in normal activities. This really affected me. I don't think it's right to make kids wear the patch.

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