1. dalma  Smithy dalma Smithy Australia says:

    I find this article insensitive and puerile. Was it meant tongue-in-cheek as a juvenile prank, or just another sordid lampoon at iconic Religions ? Animal parts - livers, heart valves, skin, bones, and suture material have all come from various zoological species. No great drama, because it saves lives, provides enhancements, and makes Life worthwhile, specially if one depends on bits and pieces for survival, and ultimately mobility. That it happens to be April Fool's Day, coincidentally shows the author for what she is - dunce. Don't mock my Religious principles, get a Life, and choose a subject for which you have some expertise of !!
    Finally, I am offended, and far from amused !

    • Justin Justin Australia says:

      Boo hoo...!!! if it is a joke, deal with it. I am offended that an Aussie would be "offended" by a joke...Shame on you

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