... in response to Parasitic Skin Infestations
  1. Cindy Wright Cindy Wright United States says:

    I have been very sick for a few years, this is constant morning noon and night. I wake get out of bed, nausea and headache come on severe nausea. My limbs are cold, my face is flushed red with white dripping looking white areas that are cold, I get a rash with swelling on my body random areas. Severe neck pain that comes and goes now but 2 years ago I could barely get out of bed. Now I been on methotrexate and hydroxychloriquine, but I woke with eye pain and watering eye, I took a picture of a white pointy spot where the pain was, I went to ER and he couldn't find it, it is some kind of worm. I have severe burning feeling that is localized to several areas. Where the initial tick bite was back left thigh my muscle and tissue is eaten away. My muscle convulse left leg. Blood counts all over the place, monocytes high, mcv.  I believe I have a terrible co infection of lymes disease, thigh and leg swelljng, blood clots.... very painful. Brain problems. Ringing in ear, face pain numbness swelling.  Please help me if you can. Cindy 715-791-4801

    • Patricia Boyer Rossi Patricia Boyer Rossi United States says:

      Were you able to find help? I feel like no one wants to be involved in a complicated diagnosis. The VA is just waiting for me to die. Lots of suffering. I feel mine has been in me long time, but no one identified problems it was causing and I only knew when it got real bad. Been fighting by myself 2 years now. The travel between ears, ear canal, eye lids and brows, nose, chin, head, glands hurt the worse but I know its in the blood stream as it is in arms, legs, hands and feet as well. Covid has made it very hard to find help. Please let me know how you are surviving.

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