1. zeitgeist2012 zeitgeist2012 United States says:

    They judge themselves by their own choices and actions. We jugde or discern according to the fruit they bare or the morality defined by OUR GOD in his scriptures. We strive for spitiual progress domestically, socially and politically by overcoming evil and temptation to the best of our human ability with OUR GOD'S HELP.

    Gays assume a whole lot when they equate freedom with immorality/sexual perversion or decadence. The inalienable rights we are endowed with by OUR CREATOR in our blessings of liberty did not include such twisted unnatural rights that never existed and were never ment to exist in our morally based free society known as the Republic for which it stands one nation under OUR GOD. Moral laws were established by our Founders based on biblically defined immorlity. The common point of attack and the failings of the gays and other subversive elements in our courts, our gov't, and our schools is found here.

    God used a pack of wild dogs to attack a group of kids who were harrassing a couple of men of God in their travels...are the dogs culpable? Cannot evil work through animals as well?

    • Lyuba Tereshchenko Lyuba Tereshchenko Canada says:

      LOL! Our God? Your god is none of my mine; I'm an Asatruar.

      Why do you think because someone is gay, they automatically are evil, immortal and perverse? As if I'm only defined by my sexuality and nothing else. Keep your religion to yourself, again all people are asking for is equality.  When your country becomes a theocracy then you can make the Bible the laws of the land. Last time I looked America was NEVER a theocracy and the founding fathers were deists for the most part.

      Nice try, but no cigar, mate.

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