1. S Brooman S Brooman United Kingdom says:

    Many statements in this article absolutely not supported by the studies or present understanding of SARS-COV-2.  

    This is irresponsible writing.  If I didn't have a background in virology I might not have been able to fact check this - you are misleading people with radical and scary headlines and statements for exposure.  

    Be.  Better.

    • Tigran Haas Tigran Haas Sweden says:

      If this is misleading and scaring people and u have a background in virology please give us a more plausible explanation? I am all ears, i showed his article to 6 epidemilogist and they think there is something definately there...very logical...sars and mers were pretty easily mapped and counter measures found rather fast, this one is damn mystery in its complexity...

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