1. Tim Swan Tim Swan United States says:

    Another win for the EC industry.  Most of this is common sense which most use in switching from the analogs to the electric version.  The decline in sales of the phase I e cigs was expected with the growing popularity of the newer tanks and battery versions.  Vapers’ are making the switch because of the higher level of pleasure derived from the much improved mechanics.  Also, the phase I devices consistently fell short of what they were advertising in terms of length of use and flavor.

    • IMSiegfried Siegfried IMSiegfried Siegfried United States says:

      What you wrote isn't entirely accurate. As stated by Professor Hajek and Robert West (in the comment below yours) the problem is anti-tobacco advocates have managed to convince smokers that e-cigs are no less harmful than smoking and that's why there's a decline in smokers switching at all, rather than it not being to a first generation e-cig. I think Dr. Farsalinos stated the decline is as much as 30% in three years, if I remember correctly. Either way, there are links at the bottom of this article to a couple more articles about how relevant evidence gets misreported for political ends that would explain how big the decline has been.

      When even vapers agree to vaping bans where-ever smoking is banned you know anti-tobacco advocates are winning.

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