1. Sandra Hess Sandra Hess United States says:

    How I wish all I had to do was cut mammal meat out of my diet!!!!   The reality for most AGS sufferers is that we have to read every listed ingredient on every food product, toiletry, cleaning product, over the counter medication . . . and live in fear that a prescribed medication, or IV solution or tubing, etc. might cause an anaphylactic reaction and send us to the emergency room . . . or morgue.  Mammal by products are in almost every product of everyday life in the US.  Sugar can be processed with bone (mammal) char.  Medication can be mammal based OR delivered in a capsule or table with mammal by product.  Toothpaste can contain glycerine, carrageenan, or other product to which AGS sufferers react.  One can react to fumes of meat cooking on a grill, or a cross-contamination of an AGS safe food being cooked in a pan where mammal was prepared before, and not thoroughly cleaned or it having the type of surface which holds on the minuscule bits of mammal from previous cookings, and so much more!  Perfumes, which are mammal based (whale in many), can set off a reaction.  Bottom line, YOU DO NOT WANT THIS SYNDROME!!!!   Protect yourself from tick bites, especially the Lone Star tick.  My bite was from a tick in my own yard.

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