1. Christina Wells Christina Wells United States says:

    As a lifetime fms sufferer and a health care professional, I find many doctors to be incredibly ignorant regarding this disorder and even hostile. I have had to educate every doctor I have had. I have always been very well aware that any emotional or physical trauma exacerbates this condition; however, this is true with many disorders and diseases. It is incredibly insulting to insinuate that this is a psychological issue. Being very extroverted, I have found the biggest obstacle to be the resulting pain and fatigue that come after a trip out, be it short or long.  Still I hope, loving to get out, and am constantly barraged with a multitude of increased symptoms.  I would love to see a cure, and would rather work and enjoy my family and friends any day. Fear of a cure? Hell no. I value being a productive member of society too much.

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