1. Pat Bowne Pat Bowne United States says:

    This is a fascinating article, but don't forget that some non-healing wounds will respond to a daily aspirin.

    Aspirin is listed as a treatment in the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care venous ulcer guideline (www.guideline.gov/content.aspx under adjunctive interventions.
    In the article they cite as evidence (1), ulcers healed in over a third of the patients given 300 mg aspirin a day. None of the patients in the control group healed. In 2012, researchers from a hospital in Spain published a follow-up study (2), showing that daily aspirin almost halved the amount of time necessary to heal chronic wounds.

    (1) Layton, A. M., & Ibbotson, S. H. (1994). Randomised trial of oral aspirin for chronic venous leg ulcers. Lancet, 344(8916), 164–165 www.dropbox.com/.../...nd_chronic_wounds_1994.docx
    (2) Del Río Solá, M. L., Antonio, J., Fajardo, G., & Vaquero Puerta, C. (2012) Influence of aspirin therapy in the ulcer associated with chronic venous insufficiency. Annals of vascular surgery, 26(5), 620–629. linkinghub.elsevier.com/.../S0890509612000568

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