1. Jay Cathran Jay Cathran United States says:

    At the end of the day, Noone asked you if
    lity. The
    article is
    about the
    fact that it
    exists NO
    what Joe
    agrees with
    with. It's not
    an article of
    Opinion. It's
    not about
    someone thinks or
    feels. It's
    about the
    documentation of
    lity in the
    kingdom (which includes Humans)and how prevalent it is. Being Homosexual is not a choice. Trust me I didn't choose it. I tried being straight for a while , but i literally could not do it. I believe that like the article says Bisexuality is much more the Norm than Homosexuality is. I think there are a TON of people that are attracted to both semesters, and a much smaller percentage that are 100% Homosexual or Heterosexual. Once again, my beliefs don't really matter, but that is just my theory. Curiosity is one of the greatest attributes of Humans. It is the reason we are the Dominant species Today, and why we continue creating new technology, medical inventions, etc. So being Curious is 100% Normal and that directly translates into our sexual identities and sexual habits. Don't knock it til you try it! I have had married men hit on me with their wife sitting 20 ft away from them. Sex ( AS THEY HAVE PROVEN) is something Instinctive, It's something Primal, and very much Animal Like. There is science behind it both Heterosexual and Homosexual. You carve others sexually from their smell, looks, etc.

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