1. Pamela Swiderski Pamela Swiderski United States says:

    Please produce all the studies? medRxiv is not acceptable either.  There are millions indicated and that seems a huge amount, and in what time frame again?  This was not peer-reviewed?  Explain sudden deaths occurring worldwide, much less those not being reported happening?  Sadly this turns this site into a politically charged arena and therefore immediately makes it invalid,  and that is the issue now with the public,  that - many are not seeing.  Just who is it are you trying to convey all this information too for what difference shall it make?  To your own colleagues?  lol  The point is mute now,  it has become such a scandal it almost does not matter what your degree and studies show,  as the "trust" is gone.  What is happening though are young people dropping.  I have to ask then of you,  how much are you getting paid to write something like this?  If you can not sway someone like me,  and I am nobody,  but basically public,  (and deal a lot with the public), so I can try to be informed,  unlike those that just follow, ...  then what part of all of this is not working Tarun?  You can throw out huge numbers all day long and the "trust" in those numbers, especially since they look outlandish,  is not there.  It also reflects on this site.  smh.   I am unsure you people - even with your super degrees - will ever get the common sense of it all.   That was blown away a long time ago, remedying it now is the brainstorm of it,  and what decent common sense wisdom it is going to take, as of now,  there is none.  Truth and addressing what really is going on, would be a start.  sad times.

    • Stephanie Last Stephanie Last United States says:

      I agree with you completely.  This sounds like they took a large number and applied what the CDC claims are the percentage of how many have adverse reactions.  The fact is that doctors are told it's a vaccine so they push it like it is a vaccine and they never think to research what it actually is.  I'm not an expert but I have been interested in something called CRISPR for about 6 years.  I have the ability to read and retain knowledge so what they said mRNA I immediately said no.  Then I found out who was helping in the development of these shots and said oh hell no.  The fact is I almost believe what they are is immoral especially if people still think the CDC told the truth about it not interacting with DNA. And while I sound like a conspiracy theorist all that needs to be done is read sources that aren't from mainstream media about gene editing and CRISPR technology.

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