1. Sophie Weston Sophie Weston United States says:

    Hello:  I have successfully used Cognitive Behavioural Counselling  for pain control of the Fibro and CFS.  I do recommend focused cognitive therapy even if one successfully uses the prescription medicines.  Our minds have a lot of power to help ourselves.
    I am radically/severely allergic to opioids and sulphites of all manner so cannot use prescription drugs. I do take nightly brand name Prozac SSRI for the Fibromyalgia - with success for less body-wide pain.  The generics or sister generics cause me to have hallucinations- very unpleasant- creepy- so Doctor/PCP approved brand name for use.
    I and my sister (and father while he was alive) with FMS & CFS-ME do take magnesium complex, potassium (chlor-tab undyed) for restless legs and leg cramps.  We also take Vitamin D3 supplements daily- as live in a latitude that has ineffective angle of sun to make enough Vite D.

    It actually helps to have a sibling or parent who understands the myriad manifestations of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndromes.  Sometimes we really need that cognitive empathy that shouts in a nice way YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS ANNOYING SUFFERING.

    So laugh as much as you can- eat healthy foods- cultivate good friends and family and be kind to yourself and all the fellow creatures of this blessed Earth.

    Best wishes to you all.

    Sophie in BC

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