1. Ruth Linn Ruth Linn United States says:

    The attached article is the way the doctors are going. My pain manager hates that I even shadow his door. Told me I am endangering his license and I am. The only doctor who helped me completely got tarred and feathered here a couple of years ago and the medical board made no arrangements for his patients. And this doctor tried everything, not just narcotics, to help fibro. But more importantly, can we please find the gene that someone mentioned? Probably no money in it, but if that gene could be isolated at least we would show propensity for this stuff. I love to work and must; I can't afford not to. But it is so much easier if I just feel good. Exercise, which I love, makes me so sleepy and wiped out I can't work the next day. And I just discovered that the TMJ I thought I had is just the result of a horrible headache-can't eat, turn my head or drive stick shift. I came off a bike at 10 and was blind in one eye for 5 hours. ok. that must have been the start? What else is there? Can we organize? I am exhausted by this lack of concern.

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