1. Kate Kate   says:

    Thank you for that Joel, I actually thought that was a pretty genuine kind of a response and you did it without the usual vitriol which I find so distasteful when engaging in conversation with Christians. But, as much as I would like to believe the view you have put forward because it is actually quite a comforting one in its own way, even with all the "do nots" - I'm afraid my conscience pricks me and i just cant jump on that bandwagon. If you are serious about your faith and it is as bullet proof as you seem to think, then it should stand on its own and not fade in the light of truth or reason. When something is so, it just is - it doesn't require great feats of persuasion or self delusion to make it seem more real, because it just is real. So, in a very honest and open minded fashion, i would like to put forward my reasons for deciding not to trust in the christian view of the world anymore, and I am offering you (or any other Christians who see this) the chance to respond as clear thinking, thoughtful and reasonable adults. Please note that if every second response becomes "sometimes you just have to have faith", you will lose me very quickly (as Christianity has lost many would be followers before) I want truth, reason and honesty. If your argument wouldn't hold up in a court of law, for a petty crime, don't feed it to me here when what we are talking about is so much bigger - when the consequences of believing or not believing are so much greater and further reaching.

    • joel mitchel joel mitchel United States says:

      Kate, Thanks for noticing, I had a very kind tone.  I certainly have no reason to be anything but kind. I will try to avoid saying "sometimes you just need to have faith."  I will try to follow Jesus's example when he walked on earth - he was happy to provide proof to anyone who genuinly was interested.

      I think God does want us to base our faith on facts, especially the big beliefs.. I think he asks us to trust him in the daily life and with some smaller details.  But I feel He actually has gone out of the way to express He doesn't want us to just use faith blindly in any way we would fall for any random suggestion. You know?  I see that as why Jesus spent so much time healing and performing miracles (on top of just his compassion for people).
          So, sure, yes.  I will see if I can provide a sufficient explanation to your reason for no longer believing.  I think it is important.  For me and you both.  To give our beliefs a chance to be tried and for us to maybe see something we didn't see before.  Please just let me know if I am getting off track
          Please feel free to email me or post here whichever works better for you.
          Hope you have a good day!  Hope to talk to you soon?

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