1. Tony Glock Tony Glock United States says:

    How can the Surgeon General at the same time dissuade people from trying vaping to get off cigarettes and then also say there is no evidence that Vaping helps people quit smoking? I myself was spared from continuing my combustible cigarette habit on the very first day I got my first vape kit and I have not touched a cigarette in 7 years but nevermind me or the other 13 million vapers in the US that have quit smoking thanks to the Nicotine vaping technology we are all just Ancedotes right?  I personally tried several times to kick my 15 year pack a day habit but nothing worked the patches did not work, the nicotine gum did not work, Chantix did not work but it did give me an added bonus of making me feel suicidal. The only thing that has kept me off cigarettes is vaping! The Surgeon General also bald face lied when he said there is NO EVIDENCE that vaping helps people quit smoking. There have been several studies that have concluded vaping is a more effective tool for smoking cessation compared to medications and NRT Therapy that have a very low success rate. One study showed vaping to be over Twice as effective as current FDA approved smoking cessation products for helping people to quit smoking. I'm not lying go do some research and look these studies up! Maybe the Surgeon General should also do the same before he opens his mouth.

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