1. Daniel Daniel United States says:

    ABA is NOT a therapy. It is a teaching method in which things are broken down into small "items" and taught one piece at a time.

    In the ME Book, Lovaas wrote that only non-professionals should be used as "therapists" and at the time he claimed he had 47% success rate.

    Now, Lovaas claims that the "therapists" must have a license and some BCBA degree. since the "therapists" have been licensed, there is NOT 47% success rate, not even 4% or 1%., which leads one to question whether 47% had even happened. in addition - the "therapist" used to cost 8-10 dollars per hour. now it is suddenly very expensive. there is no reason why something so simple that high school students can do would become expensive after it was decided to say that they must be licensed. the parents can hire some local high school students and pay $20 an hour.

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