1. Star Lawrence Star Lawrence United States says:

    I am old, have been fat all my life except for losing the weight twice and regaining, and have problems with medical records. First, I refuse to get weighed--quit 30 yrs ago. If I need a medication based on weight, OK--but this is never true. The "diet" conversation overttakes things really on my mind. But I have to duke this out every time. Also, I think people get tagged with bad diseases and disorders too casually--I have it in my records that I have severe gallbladder disease (never bothered me), congestive heart failure (I had pneumonia), kidney disease (OK so far), and atrial fib, which I do have have and the "cures" almost killed me and did cause my retina to bleed, blinding my right eye. My record is a horror show--but I am gimping around semi-OK on bad knees which no surgeon will EVER be allowed to touch after the eye surgs. These records are half-fiction, half-available (one doc told me they didn't "believe in faxes"), and pretty much noncorrectable.

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