1. My Self My Self United States says:

    it is likely that a significant number of individuals in the data sample who consistently engage in high intensity and high volume workouts likely have a higher rate of caffeine and stimulant consumption than the average non-athletic or less active individuals in a population. long-term consumption of higher levels of caffeine may likely be a significant contributing factor in the CAC, and was not a stated data point in the participant questionnaire.  curious...  i would like to see the overlapping data on caffeine intake and CAC in the same group.

    • Sushi Kitty Sushi Kitty United States says:

      While Caffeine is indeed a stimulant, and it has its pros and cons when considering health, I have not seen any studies that show it causes or increases calcification. Caffeine does indeed constrict blood vessels, which you can assume would not be a good thing if they are calcified. But as far as generating or increasing calcification I haven't seen any studies that state this about caffeine. If you have please post links. Thank you.

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