1. Lorna Doone Lorna Doone Australia says:

    Autistic people are not “afflicted” by autism. We are afflicted by arseholes.
    The idea that making eye contact is important, is merely a social construction. In many non Western cultures, it is considered rude. Among other Great Apes, it is a direct invitation to fight. As for hand flapping or rocking, what harm do they do anyone? Autistic people find them soothing and regulating. Let them get on with it.
    The comment about trains is a lazy an inaccurate stereotype. Try not to be an arsehole.
    Autistic people have many strengths. Most of our problems are caused by inconsiderate neurotypicals, who could do with working on their own empathy deficits and their sense of entitlement that everyone should be just like them.

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