1. Ruth Olson Ruth Olson Canada says:

    The article above describes the "common sense" approach I used after deciding I needed help to manage my stress incontinence.  I talked with my gynecologist, who offered a minimally invasive TVT procedure without informing me of any possible negative effects.  The debilitating constant pain I now suffer as a result of this simple procedure is something I would never wish on criminals.  I would never have believed how my suffering would be ignored, dismissed, and minimized by specialists including gynecologists and a urogynecologist, yet I have learned this is the common experience of thousands of women unfortunate enough to get the "not rare" complications.   In hopes of finding relief I will be undergoing mesh removal surgery which my insurance plan refuses to pay for, due to controversy among medical professionals regarding how to deal with mesh related complications.  Although we are having to borrow thousands and thousands of dollars for this, it is all in hopes of getting my life back.  Anyone reading this, please do your research, take my story to heart and remember, it is much easier to live with PFD's than mesh complications. There are many options like physiotherapy, exercises, and as a last result surgery that does not involve mesh.

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