1. Carol Buczek Carol Buczek United States says:

    I had bypass surgery in 2001.  In the last few years I have been diagnosed with anemia, which required iron infusions.   This is followed yearly by my hemotologist.  I have also discovered that I have osteoporosis and osteomalasia so taking double calcium citrate and can't wait for my next bone density.  I'm hoping for good news on this. I had some high numbers which indicated pancreatitis.   After a CAT scan the gastroenterologist said that nothing to do until I get horrible pain that won't go away.  I think I have had a few attacks more recently, one so bad I couldn't stand up and had a hard time breathing.  Scared the ----out of me.  I dont know if I passed out or the heating pad I had right there by my bed made it better.   I just remember laying there.

    Now I have a question... Has anyone, since having bypass surgery, found themselves waking during the night for food?  I never did that at all before surgery,   But now I will wake up, go to kitchen for something simple to eat (usually something sweet), then go back to bed and back to sleep.  This has become a real issue for me and I don't know how to stop it.   Never ever did that prior to my bypass surgery.  Any suggestions?  I'm not gaining weight, but it does interrupt sleep pattern.

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