1. Ina Whitlam Ina Whitlam United Kingdom says:

    The Hypothyroid population are being let down by the majority of the medical professionals relying on the present day method of the analysis of TSH blood test results ONLY in their diagnosis of a possible under active thyroid problem.
    What has happened to the diagnosis of the person (yes that miserable, ill human being) by actually LOOKING at that person who shows all the signs and symptoms of Hypothyroidism and treating accordingly with medication to regain full health.
    Thyroxin, the synthetic medication is so very cheap, £2 per month,and also treating with Armour Thyroid if necessary, which is the natural medication used before the synthetic Thyroxin was developed, which suits some patients better, until they are back to full health again. This will help people to get their lives back on track and prevent unnecessary hospital tests, treatments and medication by the NHS professionals and also curb the drain on the State Benefits system for these people presently to ill to work due to the 'new' diseases of ME,Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromalgia, which in my case was untreated Hypothyroidism due to blood results returning as in the so called 'NORMAL RANGE'. (Normal for who everyone? I don't think so).
    Most importantly, the correct treatment for Hypothyroidsm given sooner could prevent serious heart problems occurring later as I now have.
    Wake up you medical people to what you are NOT doing correctly and be true to your Hippocratic oath

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