1. Pat Gionet Pat Gionet United States says:

    I completely agree with Sara; not only do I take the warnings about Meloxicam VERY seriously (above all, do no harm,) I would not risk using this off label without a ream of informed consents from each owner. If you have an older kitty that may or may not have underlying (occult) kidney, cardiac, hepatic, or other issues and you prescribe this and they later show obvious signs of other organ dysfunction, YOU as a veterinarian WILL be blamed, probably sued, and there will always be a question in YOUR mind if your prescription accelerated an underlying problem. If it is ever deemed really safe enough (and passes the test of time, which it well may,) to use this way (here in the US) I would certainly consider it, but at this point no way would I risk this on any of my patients.

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