1. Susie Sandusky Susie Sandusky United States says:

    When I was born I could not see by age 2 they finally realized it and fit me for glasses I was so happy I could see my mom and dad! My eye sight was bad which required very thick lenses I was called pop bottle eyes binocular face I was spent on they were vicious to a tiny 7 year old. My right I start to get lazy so I had another thing to be picked on I was shy had no friends and was sad all the time. As an adult it had held me back I had the operation and it last a little bit. DURING THAT TIME MY WHOLE LIFE CHANGED! I became social got jobs so easily then the eye started to head to the outer corner wondering and I'm losing my eye sight im no beauty queen but to have eyes that look straight ahead would be awesome I would try anything and work hard. Any help or direction would be much appreciated.


    Susie S
    Saint Joseph MO

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