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  1. CJ Greenwood CJ Greenwood United States says:

    I'm about to break some shit down for you kind folks. I have schizophrenia, previously diagnosed with delusional disorder. The 2 symptoms that make me schizophrenic are delusions and disorganized behavior. I do not hallucinate or hear voices...

    I am observed 24 /7 by random people that I don't know. Average people with no special qualifications. Who get paid tax payer money to do nothing. Rather, they babysit me. By sitting on a couch in a separate apartment. I have no choice in the matter.

    All because I have had about 7 psychotic episodes and pulled stunts on 3 separate occasions that should have got me life in prison.

    Smart? Ya, I guess I would say that in a psychosis it is like processing larger amounts of information at once. But more is that its like when you can consider more at once the possibilities of how reality folds out grow exponentially.

    It's easy to get lost and when the picture gets bigger. Or your ability to see the picture enhances. Even easier.

    Information is constantly being compacted and reduced into what needs to be more and more efficient forms.

    There is not enough time in existence to relive the past in its entirety. We get flashes. That invoke emotions. And we ride that emotional high nostalgically.

    Visions, are like a compact memory. They come in flashes. I've had visions. And it's amazing how it's like an entire scene of a movie flashes in a split second, and it's so full of detail. When you go to describe it it takes minutes. Of what just happened in a split second.

    This is mysticism. Magic unfolding from the vision. Life constantly being compressed. And then with visions. A compressed bit of information unfolding them individually of the gifted.

    T what extent? And why does it matter? ,,, it doesn't...

    Unless you want it to. Then I guess it's on you...

    To decide.

    Why die when we were never alive to begin with.

    To infinity, and beyond.

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