1. Betsy Pierce Betsy Pierce United States says:

    I really think it is time that we revisit the language that we use to announce discoveries to the public.  There is this overwhelming sense of distrust among the public; as though we already have made all the discoveries but we are withholding them so the pharmaceutical companies can make their profits.  Statements like: "the overwhelming majority of patients who have these [DBY-2-specific] cells in their blood either have or will develop cGVHD within one to three months," may very well be part of the problem.  This study looked at 28 MALE patients with LEUKEMIA and/or LYMPHOMA.  That is a very small component of the patients who have allo-BMT every year and is very disease specific.  This by no means is a good enough representation of BMT patients to make such a sweeping statement.  However, the public reads it as being the gospel.  We really need to check our egos at the door and start working together to really move our studies forward for meaningful results.  And stop reporting every little promising discovery as the gospel truth!  Anyone who doesn't understand what I mean should recall when leptin was going to cure obesity!

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