1. Gustavo Bueno Bellini Gustavo Bueno Bellini Brazil says:

    Hi! This 2010 study showed that T cells to be activated correctly depend on sufficient levels of vitamin D.

    - Vitamin D crucial to activating immune defenses

    Ref: von Essen et al. Vitamin D controls T cell antigen receptor signaling and activation of human T cells. Nature Immunology, 2010

    Is there any way to test the virus in a medium with normal / high levels of vitamin D, to check if in this case it cannot escape?

    Sufficient levels of vitamin D are also necessary for T cells to produce IFN-y:

    - Vitamin D Is Required for IFN-γ – Mediated Antimicrobial Activity of Human Macrophages

    I am not a virologist and I apologize in advance if I spoke silly. Tks

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