1. cindy loo cindy loo United States says:

    I’m not sure if I have scabies but I use a magnifier on my phone and I have seen things come out of my skin and mite like critters. There’s not much itching just a tickle now and then. But I’ve noticed my sons socks will have black fuzz and lint balls that never were there before. And now I have it too. I can pull them off and look through magnifier and I can tell something is there. I woke up yesterday and I had fibers stuck all over my clothing I can pull them off with tweezers and observe them in magnifier. There’s also tiny white hairs that if I pull one off there’s others that begin to reveal themselves and I can go for hours pulling the once I couldn’t see them now I can tony translucent hairs off my clothing. Again I can tell there is some life there. So this started in my hair I brush my hair and black fuzz falls into the sink and with magnifier I see something start to unravel from around my strand of hair the. Black little things start slowly crawling away and at the end there are whitish things left.  I can vacuum my car carpet and it’s all clean then I look again things have popped up as if you play hide and seek. There are seed like things growing out of my car carpet. I don’t know what else this could be except for scabies bc it’s living under my skin.  It has something it does to the belly’s hairs in my face. If I pluck ive hair like with the ones on clothing there are more that start to pop up. They seem to be blocking my pores bc unless the hairs are “awake” I can’t express a pimple or blackhead. I have numerous pictures up close magnifier pictures that are pretty interesting. If this is scabies then why is there no information in this stuff? Also before I forget they DO NOT DIE!! It seems I can wash in boiling hot water they don’t die!! I can leave clothing untouched in a drawer for a month go bavk and it’s full of new lint balls!! Also I’ve put new clothing in a drawer left it there for 3-4 months without opening the drawer then when I do this new clothing never worn never touched has the same stuff on it! Lint balls tiny white translucent hairs!!
    What is this stuff!

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