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  1. leslie landberg leslie landberg United States says:

    Explosive growth of transitioning in recent years among girls suggest that there is no genetic cause.  There may be some kind of neonatal chemical imbalance going on but the complete lack of evidence so far suggests that this is implausible.  There is ample evidence that our children are being brainwashed and inducted into some very twisted ideologies in school and on social media. You might want to investigate the curriculum and web browsing history of your child.  Children are very susceptible to influence.  If I am correct, then these are crimes against humanity.  A good test to see if there is undue influences to take your child out of school and away from the internet and her phone and go on an extended vacation in the country. Let her see what life is like among forests and horses with good food and good books. Let her make new friends. Chances are excellent that she will lose her interest in this topic. I have been dysphoric all of my life and I knew something was different when I was still a toddler. This is very common. This condition especially among girls is extremely rare, so there really is no good explanation for this explosion outside of undo malign influence. But please do not take my word for it and do your own due diligence.

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